Exploring Goa


Exploring Goa

Goa is unlike any other state of India. It is the smallest state of the country and Panaji or Panjim is its capital. It has a unique international atmosphere and layering, which is seen in its festive atmosphere and becalming halo. Goa was a Portuguese colony for centuries, from about 1510 until 1961, and this has left behind strong traces of foreign power here. It is a melting pot of people, happenings, events, that draw visitors to this city from all over the world.
The Portuguese arrived in Goa over 500 years ago, and have left their own unique footprint on this beautiful corner of India. The Portuguese influence can be seen all over Goa, from the distinctive food of Goa to the churches, temples, mosques and beaches of Goa.

Seasons to visit Goa
The peak season to visit are the months of November to January, when the state is in full swing, with revelers, vacationers, Goans congregating and enjoying everything (including carnivals) that the place has to offer. One can also enjoy expansive scenery and enthusiastic travelling in the month of October, even post-January, up till May. Goa is a discovery-in-waiting, an exploration that cannot be delayed. However, whether it is off-season, like in the months of June to September or any time of the year, Goa has something for everyone – it is for the young and the old, the serious or fun-loving. Off-season, during Monsoons, one may not find much to do on the beaches, but one could still see the historic old churches, chapels, forts, temples, museums, spice farms, and several other locations within the state – therefore, there would still be a whole lot to experience and see here. Goa is for those who want fun and frolic, but it is also a sacred and religious place of repute, for the devout.

Exploring Goa
Some main cities to see in Goa are Panjim, Mapusa, Madgaon, Vasco and Ponda. There are possibly more than 400 churches in Goa, and about 800-900 chapels here. Every village probably has two churches, and more than four-five chapels, which is a place meant only for prayers. There are about 600-700 temples in Goa.
Here are some few best things to do in Goa in November to May

Visiting Fort Aguada
If you are a nature’s lover and is interested in witnessing an amazing sight of blue water amongst the beautiful surroundings then visiting Fort Aguada must be on your list of things to do in North Goa.
This place attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year. The fort stands high signifying the glory and spirit of the empire of Portuguese. The place is the best for relaxing and enjoying some peaceful time.

Scuba Diving is the popular recreational activities in Goa. Scuba diving allows you to see the underwater life such as colourful corals, shells, and multi-hued fishes in the sea. There is clear visibility in the sea that ranges up to 10 metre.

Snorkelling is swimming underwater with a snorkel fitted into the swimming gear. The snorkel allows you to breathe fresh outside air given that it is projected outside of the water. This sport allows you to experience underwater activity for extended periods of time.

Kayaking in Sal Backwaters
Goa is well-known for its beaches, bays, backwaters and rivers. The Sal Backwaters are an ideal location to go kayaking and witness the impressive flora and fauna on the fringes. The beautiful waterways meander into the villages. On the banks of the river you witness the region’s abundant bird population. The best time to visit the backwaters is from October to May.

Banana Boat Ride
You can experience this exciting activity at numerous Goa beaches such as Baga Beach, Candolim Beach, and Colva Beach to name a few. The Banana Boat is essentially a tub shaped in the form of a yellow-coloured banana. It is long and cylindrical and is pulled by a motor boat on the sea. The challenge is to stay atop this unstable boat. If you are thrown off it, you have to start all over again.

Spice Plantation tour
There are numerous resorts and adventure clubs offering Spice Plantations tours. Many villages in Goa offer salubrious surroundings for you to experience the best of naturalistic elements. You can either take them on foot or on elephants. You could also get nutritious food served on a plantain leaf here.

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