The travel industry is changing, and so too are mindsets and expectations of the everyday traveler. Where the 5 star hotels were once the luxury experience that we all craved, experiences are now edging towards more relaxed vacations where wellness, independence and privacy are prioritized. So it’s no surprise that luxury villas have become the trend, tempting travelers with offers of exotic locations, private beach access, and personal chefs. For the traveler eager to avoid crowded swimming pools, expensive food, and the general busyness that a hotel atmosphere brings, You don’t have to hassle a bit to reach your exploration point. Here are some factors, where villas can take on hotels any time-for your trip.

Best location and view

Most of our villas are perched on absolute beachfront, or amidst forests or on cliff edge locations. Even though hotels do boast scenic locations, the busyness of the hotel can dampen the pleasant views and atmosphere. Moreover, villas are able to secure more exclusive cliff edge or beachfront locations.

Pure Privacy

The level of non-intruded privacy a villa offers is unbeatable. When you call in your booking, you have the entire property to yourself, the pool, kitchen, chef etc. The villa will act as your home for a while except skipping the annoying neighbors.

Hotels vs villa rates

The number of 5 and 3 start hotels are drastically rising by the day. This makes people believe it to be a stiff market and the showcase heavy discounts to magnetize people. But actually, these shelf concessions also reduce your experience too. It’s much more economical to rent a villa if you compare the experience. Also, if you are a large group of friends it’s actually cheaper to rent an entire villa property. Lar Amorosa is one the best villa in Goa and one among the most preferred Luxury Holiday villas in Goa which will offer the best pricing for your stay.


Frankly speaking, renting a hotel is jumping from one room to another. On the other hand, a villa is much more spacious and elegant. For example, Laramorosa in Goa has everything set on live size, Family Rooms which comprise of an attic with King sized beds, executive bedrooms with Queen Bed and the Cottage by the pool. and Executive room. Each room will remind you of Goan architecture, but still stimulate you with all modern and plush amenities in its own charm & solitude.

More suitable for groups

With multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, plus kitchens and lounge areas, villas can provide a better "friends and family" experience than a block of individual hotel rooms. Villas can be a better value. Luxury villa rates compare well with hotel vacations, especially for stays of a week or more. And having a kitchen moderates restaurant expenses.

So if you choose villa over hotel for your next vacation in Goa than choose our luxury villa “Laramorosa” which is the most preferred Luxury Holiday villas in Goa.